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Bill Dollar and Loose Change Bill Dollar and Loose Change

Bill Dollar and Loose Change keeps fun at the top of their list of things to value. They’re a cover band. They play music by artists such as The Eagles, The Band, Van Morrison, The Turnpike Troubadours, the list goes on. 

I’m always interested to find out an artists’ take on what passion is. So I asked Bill Dollar and Loose change, “Where do place passion in the grand scheme of things?” Their response was a good one, “a compass, a magnetic draw, it’s following your muse.” I agreed.

The band shares a certain fluidity which enables them to mutually agree on which songs to learn. Picking a song to master and adding it to their extensive song list might go something like this, “hey, you guys want to cover a Van Morrison song?”, “yea, let’s play Brown Eyed Girl”, “Ok great.” They then proceed to conquer the song from head to toe. 

Bill Dollar and Loose Change ought to be considered as a valuable tribute when they perform their most favorited songs. Admired for their enthusiasm for having a great time, it’s easy to believe that they collaborate so well together. Bill Dollar and Loose Change will play you a memory. 

- C.G.


Bill Dollar and Lee Haight have played together for over thirty years. The first time was at a Rainbows reunion at the old Back Forty on West St. in Fayetteville in 1982. They played at Coy's for a few years with the Milburn brothers with whom they have shared other stages as the Duck Lodge Boogie Boys and The Tyrones. Loose Change came into being several years ago and has had the current musicians for the past seven or eight years. Lee has played with The Cate Brothers and has shared the stage with Levon Helm and blues artist, Larry Davis (Texas Flood). Violin/Mandolin player, Walter Bottje has shared the stage with Charlie Daniels and The Doobie Brothers. Tight musicianship, vocal harmonies, and friendships make this a great band to come enjoy.

It's difficult to nail down the genre of music that describes Bill Dollar and Loose Change. There's Americana, classic rock, folk, current and classic country, a waltz or two, and a generous portion of Texas country and blues and Red Dirt fiddle music. From Van Morrison and Jackson Browne to Willis Allen Ramsey and Townes Van Zandt, the Turnpike Troubadours and the Beatles, Loose Change has an extensive repertoire that is sure to please any crowd. Acoustic guitar, bass, fiddle and mandolin, and electric guitar combined with some killer vocal harmonies guarantee that you will leave a Loose Change show with a smile on your face and a song in your heart.