November 2016 - AmericanaAlley KPSQ 97.3FM Fayetteville Local music Arkansas

Playin' any kind of pork-chop, whiskey, gypsy, pomade, denim, southern driven music

The Band:

Derek Nichols-Upright Bass/Vocals 

Keefer Roach-Guitar/Vocals

Marcus Garoutte-Fiddle

Ethan Baker-Percussion/Banjo


Imagine if The Alman Brothers Band went on a trippy magic carpet ride with The Black Keys and all of it was being narrated by Van "The Man" Morrison. That is pretty much Vintage Pistol, a 5 Piece rock band out of Fayetteville, AR. Influenced by the sounds of psychedelic, roots, rock music Vintage Pistol is doing just as its name states and is staying vintage and true to the sounds that were laid down by the Giants before them. The band will be releasing its 2nd EP "The Second Amendment" in August 2016.  

I’ve seen these two play music anywhere they get the chance. On the street and in hotel lobbies, if there is time to stand around there is time to jam and boogie. Sit or stand, Handmade moments wants you to move in closer. Have you ever heard Joel and Anna play? If you’re looking for an experience that will set something inside of you free, then you ought to find out where they’re playing next. 

Listening to the duo do what they love is like sitting in on a class on how to be yourself. What do these two passionate beings value you might wonder. Anna values activism, bravery, community, and smiles. Joel values art, individuality, his hair (a lot), and having a genuine interest to meet new people. While they both may have somewhat separate things they value, they both share a passion for friends, playing music, coffee, and trees. 

They both sing from their perpetual souls. Anna beat boxes, “because there’s a necessity to fill our songs up” she said. They talked about eventually having a band to back them up to do the filling. Hopefully Anna won’t ixnay the beatboxing completely, because it’s awesome. With Anna on upright bass, and Joel playing the mandolin guitar, they both are striving for more. They are wanting to fix up their live in bus and put a recording studio in it. Traveling; and making live feeds of protests, riots and marches for issues they feel people would want to watch and stay informed about is what they see in their near future. 

- C.G. 

The best way to describe our sound is a refreshing mix of music genres: folk, reggae, bluegrass, rock, and metal. We do originals and also put our on spin on covers. Our style ranges form high energy to a soft, ambient-intimate setting.We are both known locally from the following bands: Lou Dog Sublime Tribute, Pink Floyd Tribute, and The Jinns. We have enough material to play a 3-4 hr show.

We are also going to be experimenting with this project by featuring and collaborating with some of our favorite local artists. The project's goals is to showcase and bring together our artistic community in NWA.

The real blues, with an Ozarks twist! Featuring Buddy Shute's original compositions and blues classics that will get your toe tapping and your hips swaying. The band includes 4 veteran bluesmen who have performed for many years, from the east coast to the west coast and all points in between. Buddy has released 2 critically acclaimed CDs and has been involved in several other recording projects. He is a 2 time winner of the Northwest Arkansas Blues Challenge and has performed at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis. The band is known for improvising and creating a groove that pulls the audience into the performance and gets people moving and grooving! The current line-up has been together since 2014 and has played a wide variety of venues. All the musicians in the band had been busy playing with some of the top bands in the area until recently when they all realized that Buddy Shute and The Motivators is fun all the time! So, if you enjoy the blues, and you also like some groove, and you like to see accomplished musicians having fun, then come out and catch the band. Blues that will make you happy!

Band members are:

Buddy Shute-Guitar and vocals

Mark McGee-Harmonica 

Bob Thomas-Bass

Lee Christenson-Drums

Hailing from Northwest Arkansas, Mudhawk has been suprising audiences with their raw, fresh approach to blues, rock and roll, and country. With a healthy mix of originals and covers, Mudhawk pays tribute to their heroes and influences, including Freddy King, Waylon Jennings, Willie Dixon, Levon Helm, and Dr. John, to name a few.

The Mudhawk are a versatile band, able to play any size venue to audiences of all types. As individuals, each member brings a unique style to the table. Richard Burnett is well-schooled in both acoustic and electric guitar, as well as harmonica. His background includes membership in legendary Arkansas bands such as Pope County Bootleggers, Honeyshine, and The Shackrats. Paul Burnham (Shindig Shop) is a regional hero to anyone that has had the pleasure to hear his versatile approach to piano. Jason Young and Chuck Haight round out the rhythm section with tight, booming bass and drums, with an irresistible groove that causes everyone in the venue to get up and dance.

Mudhawk are available for all types of events, in any sort of venue. We can provide our own PA system, and have adequate amplification for most room sizes big and small, indoor or outdoor, and can cater to all types of audiences with their extensive repertoire.

Band members are:

Richard Burnett - Guitar, Slide, Harp and Vocals 

Paul Burnham - Keyboards and Vocals 

Jason Young - Bass and Vocals 

Charles "Chuck" Haight - Drums and Vocals

Started around a bottle of whiskey in the summer of 2007, Arkansas-based Cletus Got Shot has been growing and polishing their sound at hundreds of shows around the Midwest. With passionate songs ranging from slow burning emotional intensity to raging calls to action, Cletus Got Shot has been bridging the gap between folk protest songs and punk rock rebellion.

 Cletus Got Shot is a three piece band consisting of Adam Cox on guitar, Nathan Miller on mandolin, and Mark Landry on the home-made gas tank bass. Each member sings, and Adam and Nathan wrote all of the album songs, and are occasionally known to cover a surprisingly varied selection of songs; including gospel, country, and classic union organizing songs.

The raw energy of Cletus Got Shot performing live is truly a sight to behold. This may look like bluegrass, but it sounds like nothing you've ever heard... yet. Their sound has been hard to determine, being described as "alternative mountain-country bluegrass", "alternative bluegrass", "punk-grass", "bluegrassabilly".

CGS just released their self-titled debut album February, 2009. Their influences vary from Johnny Cash, Roy Acuff, Tom Waits, Split Lip Rayfield, Ryan Adams, They Might Be Giants, Leadbelly, Squirrel Nut Zippers, The Punch Brothers, etc.

Band members are:

Adam Cox - guitar , vocals, Nathan Miller - mandolin, vocals, Mark Landry - upright gas tank bass, vocals, Richard Hartrick - fiddle, vocals

The Northwest-Arkansas-based band Dana Louise and the Glorious Birds recently released their self-titled debut CD on Trout Records. Fronting the band are Dana Louise on guitar and vocals and Adams Collins on vibraphone and 5-string banjo. The rhythm section is made up of Keith Grimwood and Ezra Idlet of the band Trout Fishing in America.

During a solo journey to the Azores Islands in 2011, Dana Louise, a visual artist, taught herself to play guitar. The daughter of Ezra Idlet of the Grammy-nominated Trout Fishing in America, Dana forged the beginnings of her sound, practicing amidst the archipelago’s lava rocks and dragon trees. Based in Northwest Arkansas she tours nationally and internationally.

From the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, Ethan Bush, Zac Archuleta, Tom Andersen, and Adams Collins have been making the music they love for the past three years. Inspired by up and coming bluegrass and folk artists nationwide, the boys have developed a unique sound and music they are proud to call their own.

 Arkansauce is a genre-hopping, four piece string band from northwest Arkansas, bending the rules and blurring the lines between bluegrass, newgrass, folk, americana, and country. With two albums under their belt in the last two years, and a loyal following growing every day in the Natural State, the band is proud to be stepping into a hard-driving sound they can call their own.   

The band’s roots go back to 2011 when founding members Ethan Bush, Zac Archuleta, and Stephen Jolly began picking together after becoming acquainted through mutual connections in the close-knit Fayetteville music scene. After a couple of years building a repertoire of original music and releasing their first album as a trio, they were joined by Tom Andersen on the upright bass and Adams Collins on the five-string banjo. The road-tested chops Andersen and Collins brought to the table helped to cultivate the mature, well-rounded sound needed to accommodate their sophomore release “All Day Long.”      

An Arkansauce show is riddled with improvisational guitar, banjo, and mandolin leads, paired with powerful harmonies and heart-felt songwriting. There’s an undeniably intimate connection between the band and their fans that's contagious and leaves everyone in front of, and on the stage wanting more. Arkansauce holds their head high, as they look forward to enjoying everything life and music has in store for them and their fans.


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