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Great band driven bluegrass

i'm drawn to songs that inspire or educate or question. i play folk music, in the sense of "honest music played by ordinary folks – ordinary folks doing extraordinary things." i disagree with the distinction drawn between "political songs" and "personal songs." the two go hand in hand. my songs tend more towards the anthemic than the emotional, but they are based in emotions – love, fear, and their expression through joy, anger, sadness, or delight.

i grew up in suburban little rock, arkansas. my dad worked as a newspaper reporter and my mom became active in local politics through fighting the expansion of a nearby landfill. through them, i came to an early understanding of the importance of political awareness. i prefer to play special events for non-profit groups rather than the typical circuit.

my songs address lifestyle and direct activism, capital punishment, vegetarianism, genetic engineering, morality, and even love. i am inspired by singer-songwriters in the political-folk-rock genre, including Michael Franti, Ani DiFranco, Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Greg Brown, Manu Chao, Steve Earle, and John Prine.

From the start Joshin' the Giants have leaned all original. Josh writing from a folk/ rock twist and with guitarist Bob Alexander playing and writing" new grass", a cool blend comes forth. Kris Hurt on the bass puts down the solid bottom end. Jazon plays the washboard and sings backup bringing a unique but familiar sound. Based out of the S/W corner of Missouri this group is enjoying continued growth.


Americana Alley w/ Adrian

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