A rag tag bunch of corn pone squarshin' grass pickers.

I’ve seen these two play music anywhere they get the chance. On the street and in hotel lobbies, if there is time to stand around there is time to jam and boogie. Sit or stand, Handmade moments wants you to move in closer. Have you ever heard Joel and Anna play? If you’re looking for an experience that will set something inside of you free, then you ought to find out where they’re playing next. 

Listening to the duo do what they love is like sitting in on a class on how to be yourself. What do these two passionate beings value you might wonder. Anna values activism, bravery, community, and smiles. Joel values art, individuality, his hair (a lot), and having a genuine interest to meet new people. While they both may have somewhat separate things they value, they both share a passion for friends, playing music, coffee, and trees. 

They both sing from their perpetual souls. Anna beat boxes, “because there’s a necessity to fill our songs up” she said. They talked about eventually having a band to back them up to do the filling. Hopefully Anna won’t ixnay the beatboxing completely, because it’s awesome. With Anna on upright bass, and Joel playing the mandolin guitar, they both are striving for more. They are wanting to fix up their live in bus and put a recording studio in it. Traveling; and making live feeds of protests, riots and marches for issues they feel people would want to watch and stay informed about is what they see in their near future. 

- C.G. 

The best way to describe our sound is a refreshing mix of music genres: folk, reggae, bluegrass, rock, and metal. We do originals and also put our on spin on covers. Our style ranges form high energy to a soft, ambient-intimate setting.We are both known locally from the following bands: Lou Dog Sublime Tribute, Pink Floyd Tribute, and The Jinns. We have enough material to play a 3-4 hr show.

We are also going to be experimenting with this project by featuring and collaborating with some of our favorite local artists. The project's goals is to showcase and bring together our artistic community in NWA.

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Americana Alley w/ Adrian

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