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John Henry John Henry

John Henry. Song writer. Music enthusiast. Music lover. What doesn’t he do?

John has played with a list of local bands in addition to his own “John Henry & Friends”, and “The Squarshers”. While drawing influence from folk musician, William Elliott Whitmore, he was seeking a folk/Americana outlet to construct his ideas in the genre and found that in John Henry & Friends. The local band consists of John Henry on guitar and lead vocals, Brennan Johnson on drums, Tom Andersen on upright base, and Adams Collins playing banjo. 

John took piano from age 6 to 12, sang in the children’s choir, and learned guitar at 13. He loved the guitar because he could sing, write and play songs. Now he is especially fond of his Collings D2H guitar. 

“I’m pretty much that same 13 year playing and singing in his room,” John Henry said. As an artist, a special interest for writing music, it’s what he wants to contribute the most. 

While holding a passion to build a musical future in Fayetteville, Arkansas, John Henry savors the culture of playing music around a camp fire until the sun comes up. The simplicity of connecting through music and the cozy atmosphere of a summer fire, it’s his favorite thing.