Adrian Sturdevant

Adrian Sturdevant

Lightning Fly is a collective of artists who hail from the musical haven of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Their acoustic sounds are full of hope and love.

Catitlyn Spaulding - vocals, piano, sax

Matthew Marotte - vocals, percussion

Warren Dietzel - mandolin/ strings

Jackson Gibson - vocals, piano, guitar

**18 String Big Band** Doing our part to expand the definition of folk music. Deep American influences. 2016 IMEA Award winner for Best Americana Group

Melody Pond is the song that dances on the water, echoes on the wind, and enchants your ear drums. The duo made up of Candy Lee and Emily Rowland,

Great band driven bluegrass

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Americana Alley w/ Adrian

PO Box 392
Fayetteville, AR 72701
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