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Music Live from Studio "A"

Music Live from Studio "A" (32)

Sonic layers recalling Grinderman, PJ Harvey, and Phosphorescent mingle with an ecstatically gritty lyrical vein, courtesy primary songwriter Devin James Fry, creating euphoric live shows and recordings best heard in arid foothills at night.

Bill Dollar and Loose Change keeps fun at the top of their list of things to value. They’re a cover band. They play music by artists such as The Eagles, The Band, Van Morrison, The Turnpike Troubadours, the list goes on. 

Route 358 can be described as an Indie Americana/Bluegrass band that expels a rich sound. The music made by Fayetteville natives will take you through a romantic guided imagery. Imagine running barefoot through the woods wearing a hooded cape. Your hair bounces with each organic movement you make. Looking ahead in the distance you see a clearing in the woods, a bright light that you frolic towards. You meet with the opening and slide into a romantic picnic, and drink from gauntlets while you laugh amongst friends. A comforting feeling that can be received through music, Route 385 will stir those emotions. 

 Route 358 has a natural sound, they record all of their songs live at their in-home studio on four microphones; two large diaphragm mics, a mic on the kick drum, and a mic on the base amp. Derrick Mears who is a vocalist, guitar and banjo player, was originally influenced by Jim Croce, and Johnny Cash. Alongside Derrick is Jodie Mears on the Ukulele bass, Jade Mears singing vocals and guitar, and Grant Mears on percussion. The band is confident in their performance and their tight knit creative community. 

For more information on Route 358 visit the links below to view the bands live performance videos, website, and social media pages.

Website:         route358.info


Facebook:      Route 358


RPK:          Route 358-RPK



A rag tag bunch of corn pone squarshin' grass pickers.

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