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Name Sayers

By Published January 12, 2017

Sonic layers recalling Grinderman, PJ Harvey, and Phosphorescent mingle with an ecstatically gritty lyrical vein, courtesy primary songwriter Devin James Fry, creating euphoric live shows and recordings best heard in arid foothills at night.

2016 saw Name Sayers record and release preview EP “Four Dreams,” and complete both debut studio full-length “Mantles” and a full length live album for later release. On the strength of distorted dance track “New Moon,” DMT-and-bees-fueled “I Touch My Face In Hyperspace Oh Yeah” and a handful of searing live dates, Name Sayers found themselves recipients of a grant from wave-making Austin non-profit Black Fret.

The Austin Chronicle debuted New Moon on August 22, 2016 and the band released a short run of cassette singles. “Satan Is My Chair” came on its heels, boosted by a 70s horror-movie-inspired music video directed by LA-based luminary David Nast Cole.

2017 will find Name Sayers on tours to the south, Colorado, and Europe, including a stop at Austin Week Music Festival in Angers, France, September 2017.

On the naming of Mantles:

I long for the mantle of the great wanderers,

who lighted their steps by the lamp of pure hunger and pure thirst,

and whichever way they lurched was the way.

– Galway Kinnell, The Book Of Nightmares


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