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Rainbow Girls Rainbow Girls

An inspirational group of women aspiring to set a standard on love. Smart, brave, courageous and charming, Rainbow Girls have honest hearts that throb to a beat of self-love. I got to sprawl out on the floor and have a chat with the Rainbow girls after they played in the studio. “I like that I’m in a band with people who aren’t vapid, I can speak for them and likewise”, Vanessa May told me. 

They all agreed that they are individuals, with a common value in Human rights. “Freedom and a constant questioning of what is around you, thinking about the future and the past” is a large part of how and why they perform. The girls are not “just”, they “just are”. They started off playing rock n’ roll and electric music, and have evolved into a brew of rock, folk, blues, funk, and some pop. A lot of their songs started as poems, poems that they wanted the mood to be heard in. 

Rainbow girls, like an occult bunch of flowers that you don’t want to die. Their music is very much a flow that comes out. They would like to take their flow and be able to support themselves financially with it, while also supporting the causes they believe in. These creative girls have other dreams as well. “I want to play a set on the moon” one said, “I want a dirty garage band” another rainbow told me. Being as driven as they are, I wouldn’t doubt their dreams for a minute. 

Rainbow Girls is a group that is willing to share their recipe for magic healing soup while holding fluid love in their hearts. With an honest drive to be involved with worldwide issues and success, their music will have you wanting to jump on the same proactive bandwagon. 

- C.G.

Catch them this summer playing festivals along the west coast or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to inquire about their acoustic summer house concert tour. (You can host them at your house too!)


*Download their new album "Perceptronium" (released June of 2015) @ www.rainbowgirlsmusic.com

*Independent artists are encouraged to manufacture and sell their own Rainbow Girls merchandise at our live shows.*




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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.