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Sam Thompson Sam Thompson

I met Sam in the studio and struck up a conversation with a man I’d call humble. Soft spoken with a passion for tunes, he shared that he thought all music was great. Sam said he had been playing his guitar on the street, trying to get his music heard out in the world. “I like to watch people enjoy music,” he said.

 We talked about what he was going to do in the future and he said he would like to travel and find out more about his Icelandic ancestors. Sam would be thrilled to bring his unique style around the world, and stir up emotions of individuals who can enjoy the depth he can provide. 

Sam and I got to talking about his music goals and where he would like to take his talent. Getting his first album completed is an exciting feat. The thing Sam values most in his music is getting to “just play”, and creating a quality tune so people can have fun. Sam is a mindful man who is getting himself on the map by persevering forward and following his musical hunch.  

- C.G.

What is unique about Sam Thompson is that, HE IS UNIQUE. He has captured that laid-back Jim Croce emotional–depth-thing, that left us, way too soon. He has made each of the other artists' songs he performed last night into his very own. His repertoire of songs were not exclusive to the list below and are quite familiar, with a Sam’s “dash of country”. What I was VERY FOND of was his own originals: la la land and Ball and Chain. These two songs are quick, easy-flowing and amusing! I believe one could two-step to each or both. Sam’s Riding on the Wind and Crazy, on the other hand are slower, romantic grinds and lost love – It’s 1975. I’m reminded of the groups America and/or Bread and I’m having a-happy-weep. Thank-you Sam! Knocking on Heavens Door – Bob Dylan Horse with No Name - Dewey Bunnell Hotel California – The Eagles Proud Mary - Creedence Clearwater Revival La La Land – Sam Thompson Ball and Chain (Finally Free) – Sam Thompson Riding on the Wind - sam t”



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