Caitlyn Grimste

Caitlyn Grimste

An inspirational group of women aspiring to set a standard on love. Smart, brave, courageous and charming, Rainbow Girls have honest hearts that throb to a beat of self-love. I got to sprawl out on the floor and have a chat with the Rainbow girls after they played in the studio. “I like that I’m in a band with people who aren’t vapid, I can speak for them and likewise”, Vanessa May told me. 

I met Sam in the studio and struck up a conversation with a man I’d call humble. Soft spoken with a passion for tunes, he shared that he thought all music was great. Sam said he had been playing his guitar on the street, trying to get his music heard out in the world. “I like to watch people enjoy music,” he said.

John Henry. Song writer. Music enthusiast. Music lover. What doesn’t he do?

Bill Dollar and Loose Change keeps fun at the top of their list of things to value. They’re a cover band. They play music by artists such as The Eagles, The Band, Van Morrison, The Turnpike Troubadours, the list goes on. 

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Americana Alley w/ Adrian

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