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Vintage Pistol Vintage Pistol

Imagine if The Alman Brothers Band went on a trippy magic carpet ride with The Black Keys and all of it was being narrated by Van "The Man" Morrison. That is pretty much Vintage Pistol, a 5 Piece rock band out of Fayetteville, AR. Influenced by the sounds of psychedelic, roots, rock music Vintage Pistol is doing just as its name states and is staying vintage and true to the sounds that were laid down by the Giants before them. The band will be releasing its 2nd EP "The Second Amendment" in August 2016.  

"Vintage Pistol plays rock n’ roll. But that’s putting it too simply. As with any band with diverse players, their music sort of eludes specific genres.. from Ryan Adams to Zakk Wylde, Pink Floyd and The Doors, the band shows shades of their backgrounds at different moments in their sets." - The FayettevilleFlyer 

Vintage Pistol has played along side the likes of Doyle Bramhall ii, Jonathan Tyler, Quaker City Nighthawks, Charlie Crockett, Quiet Company, The Black Moods, Coyote Union, and more. They have also played at Wakarusa Music Festival in 2015, played showcases at SXSW in 2016, and will be headlining the Whiskey Dicks stage this year at their 2nd straight Zerkapalooza.

If you come to a live show, be prepared for an energy and passion that will be second to none! The band is taking their vibes and the sound to the next level. Seizing every opportunity as if it were their last, this band is here to stay. 

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Americana Alley w/ Adrian

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